What does it cost?

There is no charge for going on any of the walks, although we invite you to make a donation at the end of every walk, the proceeds to go to our chosen charity Home Start,whose local branch supports families with young children. Where cars are shared, you may wish to make a contribution to the driver to help with his cost of fuel.

Do I need to book in advance?

There is no need to book in advance for any walk, apart from the evening History Walk on Monday 7 May, which has limited places.

Is there a choice of walks?

There is a walk for almost every level of ability. Long Walks are between nine and twelve miles, with a Challenge Walk of twenty one miles; Medium Walks are around five to seven miles; Short Walks are three to five miles. Health Walks are measured by time: warm up walks will be around 30 minutes, followed by a one hour brisk step out walk.Short and Health Walks are suitable for all members of the family. On Evening Pub walks, you may wish to join the leader for refreshment at the conclusion of the walk.

Can I do the walk?

Leaders will ensure that no walker is left trailing behind, the pace being set at that of the slowest individual. Nevertheless we do expect walkers to be reasonably confident that they can walk the specified distances before setting out on a walk

What should I wear?

Comfortable and supportive footwear, and suitable clothing dependent upon the weather e.g. waterproofs, sunhats.

Anything else?

Everyone should have a bottle of water with them. Bring a drink and a snack for Short and Medium Walks. For Long Walks a packed lunch is also advisable. And sunscreen protection is necessary on hot days.

What if the weather is bad?

Whatever the weather, the leader will always be at the appointed meeting place at the scheduled starting time, and will make any necessary decision at that time.

Where are the meeting places?

Most walks specify a meeting place somewhere in Stevenage. This may be a car park, from where car sharing can be arranged, or a location accessible by a regular bus service.

Do all walks set off from their meeting places?

Shared cars will be used to bring walkers from the meeting place to the starting point. You may wish to make a voluntary contribution towards the driver’s expenses. Note that the advertised time is when the walk sets off.

Can I bring children?

Children over five are welcome on all walks, but please check with the leader first as to their suitability, especially for younger children. Those under sixteen must be accompanied by an adult

Can I bring a dog?

In the interests of safety for all walkers, dogs, even those on leads (other than registered guide dogs) will not be accepted on walks, other than those walks specifically described as “Dog Friendly” walks.

Am I insured on a walk?

All walkers walk at their own risk, and neither Stevenage Borough Council nor any of the organisers can take responsibility for any personal injury arising on a walk.